Nintendo Switch, four new games will be announced soon? –


Nintendo Switch will see the announcement of quattro new games, according to a leak from an American store of the well-known GameStop chain.

The games in question have an indication of the full price ($ 59.99), while the date of Exit it is a simple placeholder set on December 31st, as often happens in these cases. Maybe one of the titles is Tomb Raider: The Ultimate Experience?

There is more: as shown in the photo below, GameStop employees have received a communication regarding an event that will occur on July 14 and which relates to Nintendo products.

Let this be there data in which the expected Nintendo Direct will be broadcast by the end of the month by an insider? In light of the leak, this is a plausible hypothesis.

Some time ago, the Super Mario Collection appeared on Amazon, a fake that, however, has started speculating on the possible return of some classic games dedicated to the Italian plumber.

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