Nintendo NES, first photos of the LEGO set dedicated to the historic console


The very first photos of the LEGO Nintendo NES set packaging, code 71374, arrive from the VJ Gamer website with which to reconstruct the legendary Nintendo console together with a cathode ray tube TV to connect it to.

It still doesn’t seem true. We are still incredulous but it seems that the new direction of LEGO has understood how to make us AFOL adults happy and the new set, born from the collaboration of Nintendo is no exception. It is in fact the 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System or, as we all know it, Nintendo NES.

nintendo nes

The set, as seen from the graphics, will be a 18+, with 2646 pieces and according to the site, it may be on sale in a month or two. No cost information.

nintendo nes

The set includes the console 20 cm wide, the controller, the game cartridge and a vintage cathode ray tube tv on which the screen is present Super Mario Bros and that, through a special lever, we can animate, doing move Mario up and down.

Mario who, as seen in the photos, will be a new piece highly sought after by collectors.

Also possible attack the new programmable “mega figures” of Super Mario, present in the new sets of the line LEGO Super Mario, above the TV which will make sounds or, in our opinion, will play the classic music by Super Mario Bros.

Present on the box, to close the perfect circle, the brand “Official Nintendo Licensed Product“. For the series: if you still had doubts now we have removed them.

Don’t mess with LEGO anymore.

Monday 13 July 2020 – 11:27

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