Nine Elected: This is the composition of the Judicial Selection Committee


The National Council of the Bar Association last night (Tuesday) elected its representatives on committees for the appointment of judges and military judges. Adv. Muhammad Na’amana was elected a member of the committee on behalf of the Bar Association, and Adv. Noam Laor was elected as the new representative of the Bar in the Committee for the Selection of Military Judges.

The election was held among 43 members of the National Council of the Bureau who exercised their right to vote. Advocate Na’amana won by a majority of 26 votes compared to attorneys Doron Barzilai and Yitzhak Gordon who received 12 and 5 votes respectively.

“I thank the members of the National Council for the broad support of me and the head of the bureau,” said the elected attorney. “Aware of the weight of responsibility and I will do my best to faithfully represent the legal community and the entire public, Israeli society and to protect the rule of law and the judicial system, “added Adv. Na’amana.

Naamana, Chairman of the Northern District of the Bureau, has been involved in civil and criminal litigation since 2003, and is a founding partner in the Naamana and Gabali law firm in Nazareth. Naamana is married and the father of three children.

With the election of Adv. Na’amana, the list of members of the committee is now known to the public: the chairman, Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn (blue and white), Supreme Court President Esther Hayut and two Supreme Court justices, MK Zvi Hauser (blue and white), H. As Osnat Mark (Likud), and the second representative of the Bar Association – Ilana Sker. The candidacy of Transport Minister Miri Regev will be approved by the government according to the coalition agreement.

It is estimated that the committee will convene as early as August and publish the names of new candidates. Election of judges to the Supreme Court is expected only in April 2021, with the retirement of the Vice President, Justice Hanan Meltzer.

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