Nigeria, the dream of the boy dancing barefoot in the rain comes true: a woman pays for her studies


The video showing him dancing barefoot in the rain and with his feet in the mud had gone around the world. Now Anthony Mmesoma Honey, a small pupil of the Nigerian Leap of Dance Academy, a school that helps young people with few financial opportunities, has the chance to make his dream come true. In fact, the former dancer and now an entrepreneur Fadé Ogunro he decided to pay for his studies. And on Twitter she wrote: «As a dancer I am envious of her beautiful lines, of her toes and of her effortless grace. I want to pay for his entire education anywhere in the world, right up to graduation. ” In another tweet, the former dancer made it known that he had received a thank you video call, not only from Anthony but also from another young man to whom he will offer the same training.

The message from the school

Posting the video of the young man on his Instagram page (on June 18, ed), the school had spoken with pride of its pupils: «With very few or no resources – they added – our children are training to be the best they can. Who wouldn’t be proud of it? Which teacher wouldn’t pray for students who show so much desire to learn? Children who are ready to dance in any condition. Imagine what we could get if we had more ».

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