News about the rental bonus and businesses


There are some news on the rental bonus and on companies that have suffered economic damage from the coronavirus emergency. The novelty is that the Chamber Budget Commission has decided to extend the facility also to the production activities started in 2019. It is reviewing the relaunch decree for its conversion into law. They will have access to the tax credit without the obligation of having to demonstrate a decrease in turnover of at least 50%. Said turnover refers to the quarter March-May 2020 compared to the same period last year. The bonus is also expected to be extended to retail businesses with revenues in excess of € 5 million. However, they will be eligible for a 20% bonus if they exceed that revenue share. For company rents, however, the bonus will be 10%. These are the main news on the rental bonus. As regards, however, those on companies, will be explained below.

The news of the Budget Commission and news on the rental bonus and on businesses

Another novelty of the Budget Committee regards the fund destined for the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which manages € 44 billion. They will serve to help companies in crisis. The Parliament has 14 days to express a binding opinion on the decree implementing the Capital destined, after which the Classrooms will express themselves on the matter. Nothing changes, however, for professionals on the topic of non-refundable contributions. In fact, they will remain excluded from funding. On the other hand, 5 million euros will be granted, always with a non-refundable fund, to the companies of the recreation and entertainment sector. Another 5 million euros will go to the textile, of the fashion and of the accessories. Particular attention will be paid to startups that enhance Made in Italy by investing in design and in creation. These are all those companies that face the world of textiles, fashion and accessories.

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