New Zealand economy also benefits from timely intervention against corona | NOW


Not only in the field of public health, New Zealand benefits from early government intervention against the spread of the corona virus; the economy also benefits from this. The economy is running better than expected, Finance Minister Grant Robertson said on Monday.

The government does take into account a possible second wave of corona infections and sets aside 14 billion New Zealand dollars (over 8 billion euros) for this.

“The economy is doing better than expected and has opened up further than anywhere else in the world,” said Robertson. He indicated that the island will continue to watch the money, to have a buffer for setbacks.

The government is also abandoning an earlier plan to make money available to consumers without consideration in order to boost spending. “We will certainly not do that in the near future,” said the minister.

With 22 deaths and 1,204 corona infections diagnosed, New Zealand has managed to limit the effects of the corona virus. Corona measures no longer apply in New Zealand. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern remains cautious and warns about the risks of a second wave.

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