New World postponed by Amazon to 2021, the MMO is not yet ready for launch –


New World it was again postponed gives Amazon, this time in the spring of 2021: evidently the ambitious MMO is not yet ready for launch.

After the new video and the new images, New World was due to make its debut in a few weeks, on August 25th, and it was already a date reworked due to the health emergency.

However, it seems it was the feedback collected during the alpha test that pushed Amazon to take a bit more time, probably to avoid a second flop after Crucible, immediately abandoned by the gamers.

“We want to make sure that the most passionate players can count on rich content for the campaign and endgame as they explore the world of Aeternum,” said director Rich Lawrence.

“We want users to feel completely immersed in the game, and I know that our study cares about the quality and solidity of the gameplay: this takes extra time to make sure everything is as we want before the launch.”

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