New Square Enix studio Balan Company will unveil game today


Balan Company, a new Square Enix studio that focuses on action games, will unveil its first game today.

According to the studio’s website, the announcement will be at 10:00 PM tonight. In a follow-up tweet from Square Enix, we learn that this will be a “new title”.

This timing is strikingly close to the end of the Xbox Games Showcase, which may make the game hook with Microsoft’s presentation.

There are very few details about Balan Company at the moment, besides what type of games they want to make, and involve their own developers as well as outside developers in the development.

Square Enix has previously indicated that they want to reveal more games in July and August, of which this will be one of them. Earlier this year, Square Project announced Athia, a new game exclusive to PS5.

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