New Single Sweats – “Sluts”


Last week, when performances were still allowed in Antwerp, we saw Sweats end a beautiful evening in the Rivierenhof. The foursome has three women, so they describe their music as estrogen-cooked beats with a spicy sauce of attitude and punk. Two of the three women provide the lyrics and vocals while Aram Santy and Kaat Schiltz provide the music. Debut single “Moist” was already a nice preview of the EP that is coming up, but with “Sluts” a big disc will be added!

‘If you’re a slut, then I’m a slut. Sluts united! ‘ it sounds. At first glance, the song may seem a bit meaningless, yet Lotte Lauwers and Stien Bovijn do not present any nonsense text. With the song, Sweats wants to quote deep-seated misogyny and how women and non-binary people should adjust their behavior to fit society’s standards. This message is in any case incorporated in the text and is also accompanied by fresh beats, creating a catchy whole. The little nuanced text comes in while you can dance and party on this song. Sweats makes party music (not of the flat kind) with a content.

Sweats’ debut EP will be released on September 1.

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