New setback for aircraft manufacturer: corona break leads …


Photo: Jens B├╝ttner / zb / dpa

Rest rust, in some cases it can be taken literally. The US aviation regulator FAA warns of a rust risk on Friday with about 2,000 Boeing 737 aircraft that are idle on the tarmac. It is a new setback for Boeing.

The FAA recommends inspecting some 2,000 jets. There is a risk of rust from a valve in the engine of appliances that have been on the ground for more than seven days. In the worst case, the problem can lead to the failure of both engines. Inspectors found the problem during an inspection.

The supervisor therefore issued a so-called emergency guideline for the boxes that have not flown for more than a week. After all, a lot of devices have been on the ground for some time because of the corona pandemic. For a while, the unprecedented global health crisis brought aviation to a complete halt, while airlines are now resuming flights.

For the sake of clarity, it is not the Boeing 737 MAX, the aircraft that has been on the ground for some time after two crashes with a fatal outcome. The inspection is advanced for the previous types, the 737 Classic and 737 NG (New Generation).

Boeing announces that it recommends that airline companies inspect the valve as a precaution. The corona pandemic can cause slight rusting because many aircraft are stationary, according to the American manufacturer. Boeing supports customers where the piece is due for replacement.

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