New report critical of security in Britain’s Brexit polls


The ISC, which is appointed by and reports to the Prime Minister, not to Parliament, says in the report that it is difficult, if not impossible, to prove Russia’s influence on the Brexit 2016 referendum. But the authorities are strongly criticized , according to BBC.

The report says that it is striking that no one thought of protecting the 2016 vote from possible Russian interference.

“It is clear that the authorities were slow to come to the realization that there was a threat – they only admitted it after the Democratic Party in the United States was hacked and information leaked. The threat should have been discovered as early as 2014. Because of this, nothing was ever done to protect the UK’s process in 2016, ”according to an excerpt.

However, the report emphasizes that there is currently no evidence to suggest that there was influence from Russia in the election.

Scottish independence vote

It is clear, according to the report, that the Scottish independence referendum had Russian involvement, on several levels.

It further states that Russia should be considered a hostile power, which posed a threat to Britain and the West on a number of fronts, including the country has been guilty of espionage, money laundering and for influencing election results, according to Reuters.

Warning signs

The report, which was leaked before the planned publication, says that this is something that should have sent warning signals to British authorities, who then did not make sufficient efforts to investigate any Russian influence.

The Kremlin claims that they have never been involved in any other country’s voting processes, according to Reuters.

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