new outbreak in the Vicenza area, 30 quarantined workers


240,760 infections by Coronavirus in Italy, of which 183 new cases in the latest bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health, which replaced the Civil Protection in the daily update. The map region by region:

Lombardia: 94010

Piemonte: 31365

Emilia Romagna: 28,508

Veneto: 19,289

Tuscany: 10,254

Liguria: 9,982

Lazio: 8,119

Brands: 6,786

Campania: 4,699

Puglia: 4,530

Trento: 4,864

Friuli VG: 3,312

Abruzzo: 3,289

Sicily: 3,081

Bolzano: 2,642

Umbria: 1,441

Sardinia: 1,366

Aosta Valley: 1,195

Calabria: 1,181

Molise: 445

Basilicata: 402

Thirty people are infected on the quarantine ship Moby ZazĂ , off the coast of Agrigento, where there are currently about 207 people. Since yesterday, European borders open to 15 third countries, on condition of reciprocity, including China. Starting from 1 July it is possible to apply for the holiday bonus for those who have an ISEE income of less than 40 thousand euros, even if the flop risk is around the corner; the bonus is not the only news that kicks off in July. The red zone of the new outbreak of Mondragone, in the Casertano area, has been extended until 7 July: currently 28 infections have emerged from the second screening activity, which involved testing the swab on about 3000 people. For restaurants, buffets and clubs new anti-contagion rules arrive. Early reopening of Milan Linate airport, which will welcome planes and passengers starting from 13 July.

New daily record of cases in the USA, where over 50 thousand infections occurred in 24 hours, of which 7000 in Texas. In Latin America, 2.6 million total cases were recorded, of which 117 thousand died: Brazil continues to lead the ranking of the most affected Latin American countries. In Australia 300,000 people return to lockdown. Austria again advises against travel with six Balkan countries, where Coronavirus has resumed circulation.

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