New Malpensa Masterplan, the fourth satellite and the Airport city appear


Malpensa New Masterplan fourth satellite

MALPENSA – It’s a futuristic and modern airport what will be at the 2035 appointment. In the renderings and graphic tables of the New Masterplan – the Malpensa development plan for the next 15 years – published on the Ministry of the Environment website there is no third track but the fourth satellite reappears. As previously announced to the mayors of the CUV in recent weeks, the watchword is the optimization of the spaces already available in the Sea, although an expansion to the south of the site is requested – significantly reduced compared to the development aims of eight years ago – to point to doubling of the current Cargo city. It also points to totally redesign the external area in front of the T1, with new buildings in the area facing the Sheraton where the P3 is now located. A real Airport city.

Malpensa New Masterplan fourth satellite
The Masterplan 2035

The expansion of T1

Among the development hypotheses contained in the Masterplan 2035 – landed at the Ministry for the Via procedure (Environmental impact assessment) – there is the expansion of Terminal 1. A expansion to the south with a new pier which will be exclusively intended for Schengen traffic and will essentially serve to rebalance the terminal’s operating capacity in the presence of the future growth of medium-haul flights to European destinations, operated by both legacy and low cost carriers.

Malpensa New Masterplan fourth satellite
The fourth satellite on the left and the new south pier on the right

In particularly high conditions of passenger traffic growth (“best” forecast scenario) the construction of the fourth satellite is also expected, ensuring a high quality of service even in the event that Malpensa has to return to play the role of hub for an airline, with the consequent need to be able to adequately serve significant flows of passengers in transit. The relative proximity of the new satellite to the existing terminal will allow a connection solution between the two pedestrian-type buildings, which is developed with a path located under the square and equipped with moving sidewalks.
Alternatively the Masterplan also provides the lengthening of the three existing satellites, but it is a hypothesis that shows many critical issues in terms of forecourt operations.

Malpensa New Masterplan fourth satellite
The new south pier

Airport city is born

In the international panorama, there is a growing demand for land side spaces to be assigned to complementary functions, which has also led to the need for Malpensa airport to evaluate and forecast within the framework the creation of an “Airport City” mainly dedicated to tertiary and hospitality functionsor related to the needs of the airport.

Malpensa New Masterplan fourth satellite
The new Airport City

Three hypotheses of possible location have been considered. One is between the control tower and the Cargo City, another is in the Case Nuove area, but the one on which the Masterplan seems to definitely aim is the area of ​​the P3, in front of the Sheraton. Due to its proximity to T1, it allows you to create a synergistic hub between airport development and the development of urban functions connected to air transport, in line with the examples of “airport cities” already created in other European contexts.
The area on which the Airport City will be built has a total surface area of ​​approximately 110,000 square meters. Here is expected the installation of one Smart Mobility Area (a building intended for public functions related to sustainable mobility), Office Park, Hotel & Services (buildings intended for mainly tertiary, receptive and service functions related to air transport) and an underground car park. On the other hand, in the new Airport City, the possibility of creating sensitive or highly anthropogenic settlements (schools, shopping centers, convention centers, sports facilities or for shows that can attract significant volumes of audiences) is totally excluded. In renderings Sea’s new headquarters are also visible in an area adjacent to Airport City.

Malpensa New Masterplan fourth satellite
In the foreground, the Sea headquarters

Cargo city is growing

The Masterplan also provides an important one development of the cargo area in order to ensure an adequate capacity of the infrastructures intended for the management of freight traffic, consistent with the significant increases estimated in the medium and long term of the volumes of goods served. The area identified for the construction of the new buildings is adjacent to the current Cargo city, south of the airport grounds, in order to optimize the existing infrastructure and consolidate the vocation of this area. The Industrial Plan envisages 3 new “first-line” cargo buildings, each having an area of ​​approximately 15,000 square meters on the ground and a maximum height of 15 meters.

Malpensa New Masterplan fourth satellite
The new frontline warehouses

The Masterplan also planned the development of new “second line” cargo structures, up to a maximum of nine new buildings not directly overlooking the square but still adjacent to the existing airport infrastructures.

Malpensa New Masterplan fourth satellite
Second-line structures

Finally, it is hypothesized the construction, within the existing airport grounds, of a new one Service center for road hauliers: responds to the need to enhance the Cargo City operational area by providing some functions (parking lots, mechanical workshops, refreshment point) frequently requested by users. The development scheme envisages the construction of some relatively small buildings and a large parking area for heavy vehicles.

Malpensa, in the new Masterplan the cargo doubles and there is the Somma ring road

Malpensa New Masterplan fourth satellite – MALPENSA24

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