New electric car incentives approved in the Chamber: up to 10,000 euros


Two weeks ago we had written it almost like our proposal, following rumors, and now the Commission is confirming the Chamber: for the last months of 2020 there will be new incentives for the automotive sector, in addition to the Ecobonus, to seek to revive the sector.

As requested by a majority, Cars with Euro 6 endothermic engine will also receive subsidies. The state contribution is actually minimal, 1,500 euros, to which, however, the minimum mandatory seller discount of 2,000 euros is added, so the customer benefit will be at least 3,500 euros, if at the same time scraps an old vehicle with at least 10 years of age. Without scrapping, everything is halved: 750 euros from the state and 1,000 euros minimum discount. However, it will not be for all cars, but only with maximum emissions of 110 g / km of CO2.

As mentioned, however, given this concession to traditional cars, electric and plug-in hybrids will benefit from the same scheme, but with higher values. 2,000 euros of incentives arrive, plus 2,000 euros of discount, always with scrapping, and always half without scrapping, all combinable with the already existing Ecobonus. Means that the customer would benefit from a total discount of 10,000 euros for an electric car, or 6,500 euros for a plug-in hybrid, figures that without scrapping would drop respectively to 6,000 and 3,500 euros. In any case, the maximum cost limit remains, set at 61,000 euros including VAT.

Being a new measure, it will have a different fund and deadline than the Ecobonus. There will be new financial coverage for this contribution, which should however keep both the Euro 6 and the more environmentally friendly cars under one roof, thus not affecting what has already been allocated for the Ecobonus. The duration is well specific for this contingency period: from August 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020, while the “old” Ecobonus will continue also in 2021.

With this move, the government has satisfied the trade associations who asked for more generalized support to the whole sector, and has also satisfied those who, like FCA, also asked for contributions for the Mild Hybrids. At the same time, however, it is a partial victory also for the electricity market, which will certainly have a further rise for the last 5 months of the year. At the moment the provision is not yet final, as it is still in the form of an amendment to the Relaunch Decree, the text of which, however, has already passed the scrutiny of the Budget Commission and should remain armored in the various passages.

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