New contagions and outbreaks of coronavirus: the ordinances of Tuscany and Veneto


Healthcare hotel

In the ordinance, Rossi will highlight that the mayors take measures to eliminate any overcrowding with the use of theHealth hotel. And also when they are encountered cases of contagion within immigrant communities an appropriate initiative must be prepared in order to increase the number of tests within that particular community and therefore keep the situation under greater control in order to trace and treat any cases. Prevention departments are also staying reporting critical issues to the Region in relation to people returning by plane from countries for which quarantine is required: the communication onIt is mandatory to notify your presence to the local health authorities would be rare or absent. Which would then make it difficult to trace the returns.

Serological tests

In the ordinance, Rossi arranges for the Prevention Departments of Healthcare Companies to carry out, for each new positive case, a precise assessment of the home environment for home isolation of the positive case and, in case of overcrowding or unfavorable logistical situation that does not allow safe management of this provision, and contextual refusal of voluntary isolation in a health hotel, to propose to the Mayor, as Local Health Authority, the issue of a contingent order and urgent to protect public health which prescribes, pursuant to Article 50 of Legislative Decree August 18, 2000, n. 267 (TUEL), isolation in a sanitary hotel. But also to give a mandate to the Departments of Prevention, in the case of a cluster of positivity from COVID-19 attributable to subjects belonging to communities of various ethnic groups present in the territory, to prepare every possible initiative for enhance the number of molecular and serological tests, within these communities, in order to trace and treat all possible cases, also by linking functionally between departments of the three vast areas in order to have regional control of the phenomenon and not only local.

Stop for the positives

In his order to be enacted on 6 July, the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia reiterated what was already foreseen at national level, the arrest from 3 to 18 months and thefine from 500 to 5,000 euros for those who violate the absolute ban on leaving your home or home for people undergoing quarantine because they tested positive for the virus.

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