Netflix film The Old Guard takes first and is fast on track


Netflix delivers one successful series after another, but in the field of film it is often a bit more difficult. Films that are both well viewed and positively reviewed are quite rare. Fortunately, Netflix has The Old Guard finally get a direct hit. A special first has already arrived and the film is also on the way to an audience rating.

Netflix Original The Old Guard is an action thriller about Charlize Theron played Andy. She leads a team of four immortal warriors. They have protected the earth for centuries, but not everyone is happy with it. They are hunted by malicious people who want to use their mysterious powers for other purposes.

Good reviews for The Old Guard

The plot sounds interesting, but how many times have we seen something similar in a mediocre action movie? Too often. Fortunately The Old Guard an exception. Reviewers are surprisingly positive about this new blockbuster from Netflix. The film scores 70/100 on Metacritic and is 81% on Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh.

In the top 10 most watched Netflix movies

Good reviews are only the beginning. A success story is only complete when the audience is also enthusiastic and the ratings are high. Well, that’s certainly the case. Normally, Netflix is ​​not so much about sharing numbers, but with The Old Guard they even dare to make a prediction. The streaming service announces that their new pearl records are breaking.

According to Netflix, The Old Guard 72 million households were viewed within a month. This puts the film in the top ten best viewed Netflix films ever. We also find this list, for example The Irishman, Bird Box, 6 Underground in Extraction. The latter film appeared a few weeks ago and is fast becoming the biggest Netflix Original ever.

Netflix first for The Old Guard

Charlize Theron and her team probably won’t make it, but a top five spot is still possible. Whether this works or not, The Old Guard Either way has a scoop. That’s thanks to Gina Prince-Bythewood. She is now the first and only black female director in the top 10 most viewed Netflix movies.

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Netflix film The Old Guard takes first and is fast on track

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