Netanyahu v. Channel 12: “Partners in Incitement”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Thursday) issued a statement of clash against Channel 12, alleging false reports against him, and ignoring the threats against him. “It is unfortunate that in the midst of the Corona crisis, and precisely on this day that history has taught us that our power is in our unity, Channel 12 is choosing to continue its journey of division and Pike News,” Netanyahu began his letter.

The remarks come after the social network Facebook removed a profile that Netanyahu cited as a fake instigator and was removed from the network. Netanyahu’s entourage is attacking the police and the media, which he claims are concerned with covering up incitement instead of condemning it. Netanyahu is furious at Channel 12’s media coverage of the affair and wrote: “Today they added a new plot, as if the prime minister is behind a post calling for the assassination of the prime minister. We demand that the police cyber unit immediately reveal who is behind this post.”

Netanyahu also accuses the channel of false accusations that he incited his supporters to harm protesters on the left: “Yesterday, News 12 accused the prime minister of being behind a group of thugs who attacked Tel Aviv. Today the lie was exposed when it became clear that there was a fight between rival football fans.” Finally, he concluded his letter on the channel’s attitude toward him: “Anyone who whitewashes the incitement to assassinate the prime minister and his family is an accomplice to the incitement.”

This is not the first time this week that the prime minister has come out against Channel 12, last Saturday night he sharply attacked the channel, due to the coverage of demonstrations against him across the country. In a post he posted on his Facebook page, the prime minister attached a picture of Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, almost empty of people, during the demonstrations on Saturday night, claiming that the channel covered the demonstrations against him in a biased manner, inflating the numbers to overthrow his government.


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