Netanyahu: There is no reason to go to the polls; Ganz: Expect to abide by the agreement


Netanyahu: Need a budget – and fast; Ganz: The budget should be by the end of 2021
In the video: Netanyahu and Gantz’s statements on the coalition crisis over the budget (Photo: Knesset Channel)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Monday) called for a speedy approval of the state budget, in the shadow of the dispute between the Likud and Blue and White on the issue. “There is no reason to go to the polls,” said Netanyahu, who is interested in approving an annual budget, while Blue and White is interested in a biennial budget. “Israel needs a budget as soon as possible. If we pass it now, we will be able to transfer the economic aid needed to the economy and we will be able to open the school year in September as planned.”

At the beginning of the meeting, Netanyahu referred to tensions in the north, and then also to the continuing increase in morbidity in Corona. He noted the appointment of Prof. Roni Gamzo as project manager on the subject, and called for continued adherence to public guidelines. According to him, in the face of the second wave of morbidity plaguing the entire world, along with security warming, Israel is facing “many challenges” and that “this is not the time for elections.”

In this context, Netanyahu said that there is a fundamental need for coalition discipline, in part against the support for the law banning conversion therapy last week. “There is room for discussion, but once a coalition decision has been made, it should be respected,” Netanyahu said, authorizing coalition chairman Mickey Zohar to act on the issue. “It is impossible for ministers and MKs to judge themselves. I say this to our partners. (Blue and white) But I say the same to us – inside the house. ”

In the closed part of the faction meeting, Netanyahu rebuked some Likud Knesset members for this, telling them that “I have been here for decades, only once did I vote against the government’s position. Many times I voted against things I believed in. One time I voted against the government I told Likud members: “You may remove me from the movement,” because I have done something conscientious that I can do once in decades. ”

Netanyahu’s criticism of Knesset members came, among other things, against the background of the absence of more than ten ministers and MKs in a vote held last week on the law banning conversion therapies, which Blue and White supported, thus violating the coalition’s significance. Manage things that way. We are in a very difficult battle. The unbearable ease with which Knesset members violate coalition decisions – it is impossible to work like this. If there is no governance the state is completely exposed. I ask everyone to draw a line immediately. ”

Later, Netanyahu interrupted the Likud faction’s meeting to go out for security consultations, following the security incident that occurred on the Lebanese border. He told them that “we are in a difficult security incident.”

“National irresponsibility”

Like Netanyahu, the deputy prime minister and defense minister, Bnei Gantz, presented the challenges posed by Iran, Lebanon and Syria, and the corona crisis as factors requiring rapid budget approval. He reiterated his position that a biennial budget was required that would allow stability for his claim, in determining lengthy moves. “No one should ask himself every morning what his fate will be in six months,” he claimed. “A budget for 2021 will give the answers. It should be understood that going to the fourth election instead of passing a budget and stability is simply national irresponsibility and ignoring the will of the people. I refuse to believe that there is a person in the country who can think of going to the polls.”

He noted that this was a time of probation for Israel, and promised that as part of his role as defense minister, he would do whatever was necessary to assist Prof. Gamzo in his work. “All my actions are intended to give you security, certainty and stability, without exit stations, without political considerations and only what is good for you citizens, only what is good for the State of Israel,” he said.

“I have known Prime Minister Netanyahu since today,” Ganz added. “We have disagreements and agreements, but he is driven by national responsibility and I am convinced that he will see the public good. According to the agreement with the Likud, the budget should be by the end of 2021. When we were in the corona, we agreed. If the Likud sticks to the agreement – government stability will be achieved “Economically, we will abide by the agreement in full and expect everyone to do so.”

“Israel is more important than Netanyahu”

The demonstrations against government corruption, which have been taking place in recent weeks in front of Netanyahu’s official residence and in other centers around the country, were also on the agenda of the faction’s meetings today. At a meeting of the Likud faction, Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin exceptionally accepted the right to speak, saying that “the demonstrations are a necessary part of a democratic discourse, but what we are seeing in recent days is the opposite of democracy. The whole purpose of the demonstrations is wild and violent incitement, including incitement to personally harm the prime minister and his family, a disgrace to the symbols of the state. We see a reality of law enforcement agencies standing in the way and allowing things to slide into places that should not be reached. ”

On the claim “what are you complaining about, you did the same thing during the Oslo Accords”, Levin said that “this lie should also be taken off the table clearly”. He said, “Incitement in no way, and against it should be taken seriously, a legitimate debate – certainly yes. I expect law enforcement to adhere to these lines. We need to unite here, not by chance our party is called the Likud. We need to present a united front in order to head. The government will be able to lead the country as it has done in the past to get out of the economic and health crisis. ”

Chairman Yesh Atid and opposition leader Yair Lapid attacked the attitude of Netanyahu and Interior Minister Amir Ohana to the demonstrations, and even called on the prime minister to fire the minister. “Netanyahu, if you do not want to leave in disgrace for a few more months, go now. Democratic Demonstrations in a Democratic State It’s Bardak. A Minister of Internal Security who does not understand this, should fly out of office. Bibi should fire Ohana, today, “he said.” Bibi’s people accuse the protesters of being political. Clearly it is political. This is a protest against your politics. Politics of detached activists who are not interested in anything but themselves. The State of Israel is more important than Benjamin Netanyahu. Our children are more important than him. ”

He claims, “This is the choice we face today: one man who should go home, or an entire country. Benjamin Netanyahu, or his future, the peace and well-being of the State of Israel. Netanyahu should go because he failed to manage the crisis. A complete failure. Health, economic. His entire coalition “Know it. The whole country sees it. He has to go home because while it was all happening, he was preoccupied with his tax benefits, and the attacks on Mandelblit and Channel 12.” He added that “this is what the bridges and squares tell him: enough. Leave us. If you really love the country, go. If you have a drop of patriotism left, go. If you do not want to leave in disgrace for a few more months, go now.

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