Netanyahu attacks Channel 12: “Shameless propaganda arm. Pike News on steroids”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sharply attacked Channel 12 this evening (Saturday), due to the coverage of the demonstrations against him around the country. The demonstrations against him in a biased manner, inflating the numbers to overthrow his government.

Thousands of protesters against Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Caesarea

“Channel 12 has become a shameless propaganda arm of the anarchist left to overthrow the right-wing government and its leader,” Netanyahu wrote. “Every evening they open their propaganda broadcasts with ‘dramatic’ live reports of inflated numbers of protesters and present it as if it were tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.”

Assaf Amdursky in an interview at a demonstration against Netanyahu last weekPhoto: Dome News

The prime minister added that “News 12 is doing eighths on the air to fuel the political demonstrations organized and funded by left-wing organizations. Pike News on steroids. Almost all programs, articles and commentaries are mobilized for unbridled Bolshevik propaganda against the prime minister.”

In addition, Netanyahu claims that the channel does not mention the threats against him and his family: “And of course they do not even say a single word about the explicit threats to assassinate the prime minister and his family. Shame, shame, shame.”

More than a thousand people demonstrated tonight in front of the Prime Minister’s House in Jerusalem. The demonstrators, led by members of the “Black Flag Protest,” are shouting slogans against Netanyahu and demanding that he resign.

At the same time, more than 200 people were reported in a demonstration in front of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s private home in Caesarea, where he reportedly spent the weekend. Demonstrations at intersections and bridges across the country were also reported. Protesters call on Netanyahu to resign, waving anti-corruption signs.

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