Netanyahu at an international conference: “We want a mechanism on an industrial scale that can carry out mass tests”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Wednesday) attended a virtual leaders’ conference, hosted by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Following the previous conferences, this morning the leaders convened for the fifth time, to consult on dealing with the outbreak of the second wave and efforts to stimulate the economy, while adhering to the restrictions that help maintain public health.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu said that “our test rate is very high. We reach 30,000 tests a day in a population of 9 million. I think we will still be able to increase the amount. We want an industry-sized mechanism that can perform mass tests and a very fast detection and isolation mechanism. It is vital that we continue to contain the epidemic over time. ”

(Netanyahu at the leaders’ conference)

The prime minister further added that one of the lessons learned from the outbreak of the first wave is the need to limit gatherings indoors to prevent massive infection. The leaders agreed that it was necessary to further restrict the gatherings in order to avoid a significant renewed outburst.

In addition to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chancellor of Austria Kurtz, the conference was also attended by Australian Prime Minister Morrison, Danish Prime Minister Frederiksen, Greek Prime Minister Mitsotkis and Czech Prime Minister Babish.

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