Nest thermostat with WiFi problems? Google replaces it


Problems have been reported with the Google Nest for some timethermostat. It is not all models, but there are variants where WiFi no longer works properly. Google knows about this problem and if there is no remote solution, the tech giant will replace them.

W5 on the Nest thermostat

The problem with the Nest thermostat has been around for a long time. Since last year, reports have already been made that certain devices no longer want to connect via a WiFi network. A big problem, because it makes the smart thermostat considerably less usable and less smart. You can no longer control the device with your smartphone, so it functions just like a normal, old-fashioned thermostat.

Google was unable to remedy this remotely. On this, it decided to replace Nest thermostats if they have the error code W5 and don’t help. This is what Google said to AndroidPolice.

Issues? Call Google Nest customer service

It would only concern small numbers of customers who are struggling with a non-working Nest thermostat. Google has not said the cause of the problem, but there are possibilities to solve the issue via the helpdesk. However, if that does not work, Google offers a replacement model. If you are affected, please contact Google Nest customer service. This can be done via chat or telephone number +31 85 00 13 935.

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