near the border, the French are worried


For 48 hours, Spain has been taking measures by encouraging the inhabitants of Catalonia to stay at home. In France, at the border, the population is also starting to worry. Europe 1 visited several municipalities in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

REPORTAGEA few hours before going to the scene of the fire in Nantes, Prime Minister Jean Castex took advantage of a return to his stronghold, in Prades, to discuss with the Spanish authorities the possibility of closing the border again. Spain is reconfiguring itself locally but massively. A few kilometers away, on the other side of the Pyrenees, the French are not reassured: “We are afraid that it goes back north,” concedes a resident of the town of Boulou.

In this town in the Pyrénées-Orientales, the customers of a tobacco bar point out the dilemma that is imposed on them: “To close the borders is the end of businesses and not to close the borders is to risk bringing back the Maybe that’s what’s worrisome is that we don’t know what it’s good to do. ” Ten minutes by car separate the city from the Spanish border. The establishment welcomes nearly 400 customers per day. “We have everything! French people coming back from Spain, of course. Sometimes we kindly ask people to put on the mask, but hey…”

“We won’t be caught off guard”

If tourists circulate while Spain is reconfiguring, only gestures remain to prevent the spread of the virus. A little further west, in Vernet-les-Bains, at the foot of the Canigou, the mayor Henri Guitart wants to guarantee the reception of tourists but is preparing for a second wave. “If the cluster comes from Spain, we are ready, we will not be caught off guard like the first time,” he said. “We stocked up on the masks, we have everything!”

Nearly 4,000 masks are in stock. Monday, as everywhere in France, they will be compulsory in all closed places welcoming the public.

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