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Busto Arsizio (Varese), 13 July 2020 – The Gico del Nucleo of the Economic and Financial Police of the Milan Guardia di Finanza has arrested today five people, including the municipal councilor of Busto Arsizio Paolo Efrem, as part of an investigation by the Milan prosecutor Silvia Bonardi on infiltrations of the ‘ndrangheta in waste sector.

The municipal councilor on the ‘Busto Grande’ list, 39, ended up in prison for issuance of false invoices with the aggravating circumstance of facilitating the gangs. The order of the investigating magistrate Sara Cipolla also concerns the head of the Legnano-Lonate Pozzolo clan, Vincenzo Rispoli that would have organized the election campaign gods Ephraim. According to the accusatory system Efrem, who joined the City Council in 2018, would have issued false invoices for 100 thousand euros through his company Efrem Trade. The black funds thus created, according to the investigations of the Gico del Nucleo of the economic and financial police of the Gdf of Milan, would have served to pay “travel and subsistence expenses” in the North of family members of Silvio Farao, alleged boss of the ‘ndrangheta detained at 41bis. Always according to the investigation Efrem, elected with a center-right civic list, would have practiced also from “Driver-nominee” to Daniele Frustillo, also arrested today with the aggravating mafia and who would have dealt with the false invoices issued by the councilor’s company. Company that, according to the investigations, had to deal with waste management on paper but he had no licenses necessary and which would have produced the invoices for non-existent operations useful to the gang of the ‘ndrangheta.

The order of custody in prison, with crimes at the center di extortion and issue of false invoices with the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method, it was also performed by the Nipaaf dei forest carabinieri from Milan. In a press release signed by the prosecutor Francesco Greco, it is explained that the arrested director was found to be “connected with representatives” of the local of the ‘ndrangheta led by Vincenzo Rispoli, historical exponent of the Calabrian mafia in the North and accused in the ongoing Krimisa trial. The investigation is on following the Feudo operation of the Milan DDA which in October 2019 had led to 11 arrests for illicit trafficking of waste and a seizure of about 1.5 million euros. There new tranche investigation found that the company Smr Ecologia srl, which operated first in the transport sector and then in the waste sector and which operated a treatment plant in La Guzza, underwent for a long time «infiltration by subjects related to the Legnano-Lonate Pozzolo premises», between Milan and the Varese area. The entrepreneur dSmr then chose to collaborate with the investigators, after being arrested, and this allowed “to reconstruct the extortion context”. Between 2014 and 2018 the entrepreneur “was forced to provide various types of utilities”, that is, money but also “staff hires” in favor of the gang.

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