NBA, Ryan Broekhoff does not go to Orlando with the Sixers: “My wife has Covid-19”


The new Philadelphia purchase, which came from the Mavericks as a long distance shooting specialist, did not go to Florida with the rest of the team: “I have to be with my family at such a complicated time,” he explains on social media, while the Sixers don’t set a date for the return to the group
This was communicated by the interested party via social media after a few days reporters and various journalists wondered what was the reason that had kept him away from Disney World. Ryan Broekhoff, new purchase of the Sixers in view of the restart, he didn’t start with the team because his wife tested positive at Covid-19. “We have a young son and my primary goal now is to take care of him,” emphasizes the Australian player on Twitter. “I really appreciate what Philadelphia has done and all the support they have shown me.” Broekhoff’s 29-year-old wife suffers from an autoimmune disease which makes it particularly exposed to the risk of complications. For this reason, the type of assistance required is far superior, so much so that even the one-year-old could have relapses. Thoughts and fears that inevitably overshadow the rest: both Elton Brand and other Philadelphia officials have not specified a possible return date, nor if there will be plans to enter the bubble in the coming weeks. The last game played by Broekhoff dates back to February 8 with the Mavericks, with whom he made his debut in the NBA. In two seasons in Dallas, 59 appearances and above all more than 40% with their feet beyond the bow: baskets that could also have come in handy for the Sixers, who will have to deal with yet another absence.

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