NBA: Campazzo has decided to leave Real Madrid


Real Madrid have long been waiting to hear what Argentine Pecondo Campazzo’s plans are, and this morning (Wednesday) the media in the Spanish capital reported that the decision had been made: the star has decided to try his luck in the best league in the world and is expected to leave for the NBA.

The 29-year-old midfielder, who arrived at Blancos as early as 2014 from Penarol, has won every possible title in Europe and will have to give up very significant sums of money as part of the waiver of his contract, but according to “Marca” made it clear to the team that this is his decision.

Campazzo’s contract has a release clause of six million euros and it is claimed that Real will demand to receive the full amount, even if this is done in installments or leads to the player having no choice but to complete the amount because NBA teams will pay only $ 750,000. However, it is possible that the rights over him in Europe will remain with Real Madrid in exchange for a reduction in the amount.

So far it has been reported that Minnesota and Dallas are two of the teams interested in his services and are considering joining him for next season.

Pecondo Campazzo | Handout/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

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