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They wanted to remember how many tragedies have settled in the cast of the TV series Glee. Last, yesterday, was the death of Naya Rivera, who drowned in Piru Lake, California. But for her we want to try to make a different thought.

Naya Rivera, the cast of “Glee” holding hands on the beach to pay homage to the actress

A non adding it to this list, to fade the pain in hope, aware that for a mother the tragedy would have been to lose her son, not herself. “She used all her strength to get her son back on the boat, but she didn’t have any more to get to safety,” explained Ventura County Sheriff, California, Bill Ayub. «The boy said that his mother helped him get back on the boat. When he looked back he saw her disappear underwater. “

Usa, body recovered in Piru lake: perhaps it is that of Naya Rivera

If this reconstruction is true we can only imagine Naya’s relief after rescuing the child. Mother courage? No just a mother. Indeed a parent. Because there are no gender differences in this. And we must remember the former wrestler of Wwe (World Wrestling Entertainment), Shad Gaspard, 39, found dead drowned in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, only two months ago, after having managed desperately to save his son from the waves.

Usa, the latest images of Naya Rivera: the arrival of the missing “Glee” actress on the lake

Here too they called him a hero. But he is only a father. Because there is no more authentic form of courage and altruism than being parents. And it is a timeless certainty, also handed down by the epic. With Niobe who transformed into a stone statue, her son continues to cry. And Aegean who, believing his son Theseus to die, threw himself into the water, right in that sea that takes its name from him. “One day you will die of sorrow” …, said the oracle. Then like today.

The actress of “Glee” Naya Rivera disappeared after a boat trip, found her son

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