NASA plans to build an astronaut toilet … on the moon


Even astronauts need the toilet. So NASA launched another challenge for the public, looking for plans for a bathroom that could be used by astronauts on the moon. In particular, these toilets must be able to operate in environments of microgravity and lunar gravity.

The American space agency already has its design for a space toilet, currently in use on the International Space Station. However, the latter is designed only for use in microgravity environments. The bathroom design that NASA seeks will have to work in conditions of moon gravity … this means that astronauts will have to be able to use it while they are on the moon.

The lunar cabinet will have to be compact and potentially be used in NASA’s lunar landers. In addition to that, the bathroom it will have to work the same way as toilets on Earth. NASA, for its part, says it is already working on several ways to “miniaturize and simplify” existing space toilets. However, the space agency hopes that the public will be able to provide it with “radically new and different approaches”.

There are two types of teams that will be able to work on the project: participants of at least 18 years of age and teams from the Junior category. The top three teams in the adult technical category they will share a $ 35,000 prize, while the top three teams in the Junior category will receive official merchandising and public recognition.

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