NASA Perseverance: the rover is attached to the rocket! Scheduled launch on July 30th


After some postponements, finally the rover NASA Perseverance was set on top of the rocket ready for launch in the direction of Mars! Now the US space agency has announced that the departure date has been scheduled for July 30, 2020.

The rocket is made by the ULA (acronym for United Launch Alliance) and more precisely a model Atlas V. I fairing, NASA Perseverance and the landing system were hoisted 39 meters high thanks to a crane inside the Vertical Integration Facility. This is one of the last stages of preparation before the launch and one of the elements that had postponed the launch from the established dates. The electrical systems were then connected and the physical connections made.
Now we will proceed with the last tests before the departure of NASA Perseverance towards the Red Planet. In particular, both the part where there is the will be tested rover both that of the boosters both as a single unit and as separate units.

The last steps before leaving for Mars

When there are two days until 30 July, there will be the release of the rocket assembled by the Vertical Integration Facility. Then there will be the last 550 meters to reach the launching platform (and it will take 40 minutes).
Even if further delays should arise, the launch window will be valid until August 15, 2020, thus giving scientists (and all fans) some more time to hope.

NASA Perseverance will land on February 18, 2021 inside the Jezero crater which will be one of the places where the rover will look for signs of past life, more than the missions launched previously. In addition, the launch of the first is planned drone on another celestial body (NASA Ingenuity). Finally, the rover will be able to store samples of Martian soil that can be sent back to Earth for further analysis, but this step will still take some time.

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