Napoli-Roma 2-1 THE REPORTING: Kluivert all social and no roast. Ibanez, mystery of faith


Third knockout, and third fool also because without Pau Lopez the passive would have been devastating. Behind Ibanez confirms the limits (not) seen in Bergamo and Fazio confirms that he is not suitable for Fonseca’s game. In front of it, the vein of Mkhitaryan is not enough, it is opposed to Kluivert’s apathy

The Spaniard enters phase 3 after a long delay. The first positive intervention is a disengagement with the feet. The second is a big save on Fabian Ruiz who avoids the Neapolitan advantage after only 12 minutes. He repeats himself on Zielinski a few seconds later before kissing the crossbar hit by Milik. Just the Polish calls him to attention at 40 ‘. Pau is also active in the second half: after 1 minute he deflects a poisonous parable of insigne, then finds himself face to face Callejon. And he gives up, as on Insigne’s masterpiece.



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