Napoli-Milan, Ibrahimovic replaced by Pioli: the angry reaction


The technician minimizes: “It’s normal for him to get angry. But it wasn’t for the change. We can do better, too”

The facts then proved Pioli right, who then reached a tie against San Paolo against Napoli. But the first move after Mertens’ 2-1 half an hour after the end of Napoli-Milan had not been trivial: outside Zlatan Ibrahimovic and inside Rafael Leao. And Ibra hadn’t taken it well.

Disappointed, probably, not only by the decision but also by his own performance, given that in that hour on the pitch he hadn’t managed to make the slightest impact and he hoped to do it in the remaining half hour. And maybe the rigor of the same would have passed from his foot. But he still couldn’t know.

“Apart from the fact that it is normal for him to get angry, he has not been angry about the change”, replied Stefano Pioli at the press conference at the end of the match. “He got angry because we could do better in some situations, we could play better and he too can do more. At the end of the game he was very happy, he wants to help us until the end as we all want to do.”

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