Napoli-Milan has the flavor of tradition: San Paolo empty, but with an exceptional “guest”


Napoli-Milan a challenge that has always had the flavor of tradition: the challenges of the eighties are still vivid in the minds of football fans.

The Naples is preparing to challenge the Milan, in a challenge that has the flavor of tradition. The two teams, in fact, in the eighties – when the best footballers in the world played in our league – gave birth to a duel at the top of the ranking, which will remain in the annals and in the memory of all football fans. The blues of Maradona and Careca and Milan of the Dutch gave show and passionate the whole world that applauded the memorable challenges.

The game tonight will be played for other goals and in an aseptic and empty stadium, for the unexpected emergency that has hit our country and the whole world. Napoli-Milan, at the time of Covid 19, moreover, he will play for the fifth place goal and no longer for the scudetto as happened at the time, yet he will have an exceptional guest. At San Paolo, in fact, after a long time, the patron will also return by surprise Aurelio De Laurentiis – as revealed by Carlo Alvino on Twitter – who wants to enjoy the “Snarl Naples in the silent assent of the Phlegraean field.

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