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The news of these days at home Naples is definitely the arrival in the city of Victor Osimhen. The striker of the Lille should be the replacement for Milik for the next season. Yesterday he arrived with his two agents and here is the interview, the story of the day yesterday by a member of his entourage, Osita Okolo. These are his words to the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo:THE DAY – “Yesterday when he arrived at Naples, the club headed straight to the first meeting. On the way, he looked at people around the city streets and confessed to me be impressed positively. Then he met the blue technician, Gattuso: they talked about the Naples project and he was also very impressed here. Today he will meet the president, Aurelio De Laurentiis “.

NAPLES CITY – “If Victor liked the city? Absolutely, was impressed by Naples and its people, even if the tour around the city was short. However, everything went in the right direction. Now, all we need to do is make a decision about the boy’s future. ”

THE FANS – “Osimhen-mania? I don’t know what Napoli fans think of him, I knew that everyone who came across him was very happy to see him in town. And I think this is a really nice way of being of the Neapolitans. I am convinced that the fans would also like Victor’s style of play very much and this could positively influence the final decision “. THE AGREEMENT – “The impressions have been very positive, certainly it is already very pleased that a club like the blue one has taken so much interest in Victor. Serie A, being a Napoli striker, would still be an important step for a young footballer like him. I have not yet spoken to Victor this morning, but we are waiting for the meeting with De Laurentiis to understand what will happen. ”

PROBLEMS – “I don’t think there will be any problems between Napoli and Lille. I think they will soon find a formal agreement. Everything revolves now in convincing Victor 100% of the transfer. Let’s see what the meeting this morning will bring out in this sense “.

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