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Right-wing chairman MK Naftali Bennett this morning (Tuesday) attacked the government’s conduct in the Corona crisis.

“The picture is difficult, very difficult,” Bennett said in an interview with Ynet. .

Bennett called on the prime minister to recover: “We are in the Yom Kippur War and we are still debating whether we need a ‘Commander of the Corona’ – which is what needs to be done. In this case, Prof. Gabi Barbash is a great choice.”

According to him, the projector should be subject to the Cabinet. “He needs to have three tools: that the last word be his and not that of Ministry of Health officials, that he be given a tax-exempt budget, and that the assistance of the Ministry of Health be at his disposal. The first section is the hard one, I do not understand why.”

“I do not know. Four weeks ago I approached the Prime Minister’s Office once, and then again and again, just to talk to the Prime Minister for a few minutes. Still I am a person involved in the situation, and I have not bad ideas about coping. I did not ask to be “Singing, not refreshments, but just talking to him and giving some insights. So far he has not returned a phone call.”

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