N12 – The Haredim to Gantz: Asher Budget


Despite Netanyahu and Gantz’s joint press conference tonight (Monday), the political crisis is here – and it is extremely acute. In practice, nothing has to happen for us to degenerate into elections – they just happen by themselves once a budget is not passed. And yet there is another factor of great importance – the ultra-Orthodox.

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Netanyahu’s most loyal partners in the bloc or what was left of it were the ultra-Orthodox parties. The ultra-Orthodox were happy with the current government, which both leaves Lieberman and Lapid in opposition and actually allows them to be a kind of Libra. And yet – they go with Netanyahu on his demand for an annual budget.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Deputy Prime Minister Ganz | Photo: N12

The most senior politicians in the ultra-Orthodox parties said today that this agreement ends the border of their concessions. This means that if Blue and White agrees to an annual budget, for the ultra-Orthodox this is the end of the event – and they will not be prepared beyond that to go to the polls.

It should be noted that Netanyahu vehemently denies that he is facing an election at all, but the ultra-Orthodox are more suspicious and their message to senior officials is blue and white: Agree on an annual budget and we will give you the insurance certificate that there will be no election. Now, Ganz needs to think about whether he trusts them.

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