N12 – The father asked to bury the body of the fetus


The Rahat parent couple lost their fetus in the advanced stage of pregnancy. The broken father received a bag from the hospital in which he was told that the fetus’ body was found, but Father Walid was shocked to find out days later that it was only a placenta. In response, the couple decided to sue the hospital for the mental anguish caused to them. The father: “We are shocked by the story – afraid that my wife will do something to herself.” Soroka Hospital: “Unfortunately there was a mistake – we contacted the family to deliver the fetus for burial.”

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When the woman went through a quiet birth at Soroka Sr. Hospital, Lyd still had time to photograph the baby before he said goodbye to him. The shocked father, who was already in a difficult situation after the loss, discovered a moment before the burial that it was only the placenta and not the body of the fetus. “Why do such a thing to us? We are mammoth. We are only human – they killed us. Who will return my wife to me ?!”.

“It’s something I did not expect to happen,” Walid said. “They claim to have the body but that’s not what they gave me. They just did not give me someone else’s body. They made fun of me, it’s a serious injury. We are shocked by the story – we even started psychotherapy I will not sleep at night because of this. ”

“I only opened the bag at home,” Walid said. “It is forbidden. The honor should be given to the dead. I was told by the hospital that this is what came out. I do not wish this on anyone, only today I go to Soroka to see what is happening there, it does not make sense what they did “For me and my wife – I’m losing her. She’s not functioning and I’m afraid she’s going to do something to herself.”

“If there really is a body there should be another funeral,” he said, “she will collapse. She has seen it. The woman is already there. I am afraid of her – do not want to lose her. I waited there for hours in Soroka until they brought me the bag with the body.” Walid said he was told to wait three days until they brought him the bag. “I was sure it was my baby. We were not allowed to sign anything – I do not want it to happen to other families.”

Adv. Daniel Sarid | Photo: PR, News

Father Walid now intends to sue Soroka Hospital for the mental anguish caused to him and his wife. Advocate Daniel Sarid, representing the father, said: “This is a serious medical malpractice that is unacceptable. Could it be that instead of receiving the baby’s body, the family will receive only a few pieces of meat? This is a real disaster that should worry every person in the country. What happens to the bodies before they are brought for burial?“.

Soroka Hospital responded: “Unfortunately, a mistake was made. We contacted the family in order to explain the situation and hand over the deceased fetus for burial.”

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