Mystery of Berlin unraveled: fox swiped 100 shoes from houses Abroad


That writes Deutsche Welle. A fashion-conscious fox turns out to be the culprit and has stolen more than a hundred shoes from the homes of residents of Zehlendorf, a district of southwest Berlin, according to local media.

All types disappeared; slippers, sandals, sneakers. The thief was exposed by Christian Meyer, victim and resident of Berlin.

Meyer had some headaches when his running shoes suddenly disappeared and posted on an online message board. It soon became clear that Meyer was not alone.

Got you

The German started a search. He found the fox at a rubbish dump moments later and was able to catch him red-handed ‘with a pair of blue slippers still in his mouth’, Tagesspiegel describes. Meyer also noticed that the fox had a preference for beautifully colored footwear.

He did his best, but Meyer couldn’t find his own running shoes. Three pairs of shoes were successfully returned to their rightful owners at the time of writing.


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