‘My brother chases dinosaurs’ review (2019): wonderful diversity


After ‘The family you choose’, in ‘My brother chases dinosaurs’ the experiences of a young boy with Down Syndrome are described again, seen by his older brother, Giacomo Mazzariol, author of a successful book, which is now premiering in its film version. Likewise, the film highlights the wonderfulness of diversity, shown through the vicissitudes surrounding the newspaper, of an ordinary and moving family, where the arrival of little Giovanni causes an emotional earthquake. At first for good, but as the years go by, the older brother begins to see his playful little brother as someone to be ashamed of.

In ancient times, any deviation from ‘normality’ was considered to be a bad omen, to the point that children were abandoned to die. Today no one doubts that people with Down Syndrome are endowed with normal feelings and emotions, to the point that the great source of life is its variety. Giovanni looks at the stars wishing to cradle on his chest a place for hope. It is a character that allows us to enjoy the sweetness of his step, also endowed with the rotating force of the stars, as love floods into his eyes and fills with moving tenderness.

My brother chases dinosaurs

Italia. 2019. 101 m. Drama.


Stefano Cipani.


Alessandro Gassman, Isabella Ragonese, Rossy de Palma.


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