Muslim Executive: “General ban on Sacrifice Feast prayer is not necessary”


According to those rules, up to 100 people are allowed to attend worship if they keep their distance and those over 12 wear a mask.

In Antwerp, the Muslim executive called for exceptionally not to hold a prayer for the Feast of Sacrifice. “But other measures apply there because the virus unfortunately flares up again. This is not the case in other regions. Many mosques are open and we have been organizing worship services for 2 months without any problem, ”says Üstün. According to him, people are now adhering to the measures. “100 people are allowed to enter the mosque, I think we had to send 2 home. People are not flocking to the mosque now because they are aware of the situation. ”

Traditionally, the sacrificial feast is also a family celebration, and the corona virus also stops this. “All parties are disrupted,” says Üstün. “Nobody likes that, but we don’t have a choice and still try to make the best of it. People plan moments with FaceTime or Whatsapp to still be able to celebrate. ”


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