Musical Soldier of Orange will resume in early September


More than 1100 people fit in the room. Because of the corona measures, only 30 percent of that room may now be used. Rows of seats have been removed from the theater and two seats are left between households when visitors are placed to ensure the health of guests and production staff.

One-way traffic means that the 1.5-meter protocols of RIVM and the government are also guaranteed in the rest of the building.

When Soldaat van Oranje was shut down because of the corona crisis, more than 70,000 visitors already had tickets for performances that suddenly could no longer be played. They have received a voucher to set a new date. This group of visitors can contact us between 5 and 9 August to choose a new performance from 2 September.

Regular ticket sales will start again on August 10.

Most successful theater performance

Soldaat van Oranje: De Musical is the most successful theater performance in Dutch history. Since its premiere in October 2010, the adaptation of the life story of resistance fighter Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema has been continuously sold out. Meanwhile, the piece has been played nearly 3000 times and over 3 million tickets have been sold for the piece. A British version of the play is in the works and is due to play in London later this year.

The celebration of the tenth anniversary of Dutch production was scheduled for October 30, 2020. This milestone would be celebrated big. However, due to the corona crisis, this celebration is being postponed.


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