Musical Get the canvas up! staged again in September NOW


Musical Pick up the canvas! will be performed again in Dutch theaters from 11 September. The show was discontinued last March due to the corona virus.

The musical about famous Dutch artists from the sixties, seventies and eighties premiered in January of this year, but had to stop less than two months later.

Central to this performance are songs by Willeke Alberti, Rob de Nijs, Ronnie Tober, Ria Valk, Johnny Lion, Ben Cramer, Shirley Zwerus and Boudewijn de Groot, among others.

Pick up the canvas! is played by Mariska van Kolck, Tony Neef, Julia Berendse, Jordy van Loon and Willemijn van Holt. David van den Tempel replaces Dook van Dijk.

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