Murder Giulio Regeni, Manlio Di Stefano: “Ambassador withdrawal to Egypt is not the solution”


“I don’t think the ambassador’s withdrawal is a solution, I never believed it for a simple reason: the ambassador is basically the representative of his country in another country. If you remove the ambassador, you actually stop talking, but we are interested in dialogue because we have to have the truth about Regeni “. The Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Manlio Di Stefano, said it on Radio 24 today. “The pressures are done in a thousand ways, they are certainly not done by removing the ambassador,” he continued. And then: “The ambassador in a country makes sense, he is not a blackmail pawn.”

The president of the Commission of Inquiry Regeni and the deputy of Leu, Erasmo Palazzotto, who was interviewed by the Press, was very critical with Egypt: “Egyptian magistrates have no interest in the search for truth. I see another indirect attempt of sidetracking, they went back to when they sought the reasons for his death in Giulio’s work “.

“Personally, I believe that the family is doing very well to ask the government for a greater commitment – he explained -, whether it is the ambassador or commercial relations. It was said that having good relationships would bring results and instead today we have the proof, if we still need one, that this is not the case ”. For the President of the Commission, the foreign ministry’s tough reaction is “a necessary act. The government is unlikely to cope with this new Egyptian provocation without taking a tough stance. ”

The opposition is also asking for a commitment to the truth, through the vice president of Copasir Adolfo Urso of Fratelli d’Italia. On the Regeni case, he told Radio 24, “Italy must act with extreme clarity: Egypt is our fundamental partner for geopolitical balances, for the control of Libya, for the fight against terrorism, for energy. But we can say equally clearly to Egypt that we want the truth about the barbarian killer, with the handing over of those who can be investigated and prosecuted for the crime committed: a young man has been kidnapped and tortured by state bodies. “

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