Murazzi murder, killed a random passerby: sentenced to thirty years


“Justice has run its course.” These are the first words of Mariagrazia Chiri, Stefano Leo’s mother. “I believe – he added – that the sentence speaks for itself. We have always been confident and we have been right. The work that investigators and prosecutors have done has been excellent. Stefano has never gone away, he is here even now with me “. To a question about Said’s repentance, the woman replied that “it will be something she will have to solve on her own, he will have to deal with himself and not with me“.

“I thought in something better – Said Mechaquat’s lawyer commented instead -. I was reasonably convinced of this. In Appeal, I am sure that the sentence will be significantly reduced. “The lawyer observed that the judge” recognized subvalent extenuating circumstances as opposed to aggravating ones, which is quite rare. “

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