Municipalities will be able to reduce tax and other tariffs by 20%


A prize to those who pay. That is, a discount of up to 20 percent on tax and property tax rates and rates, such asiMU, to which, however, only those who pay by bank domiciliation will have access, with direct debit on the current account of the amount to be paid. This is one of the changes to the Relaunch decree approved in the Budget Committee in the Chamber. The amendment, sponsored by the Northern League member Massimo Garavaglia, former deputy minister of economics, however, leaves a margin for fiscal maneuver to local authorities, which can still choose to apply the discount with their own resolution.

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In theory, only with regard toiMU, 25 million taxpayers will benefit from the facility. The new IMU is worth around twenty billion euros a year. While the total of submerged Imu traveled a year ago around € 5 billion. The goal is to hit the shrewd tax on the brick, rewarding the honest with a valuable discount in this phase of crisis. In short, the pressure to ease taxes in the emergency does not come loose. For owners of a second home in Rome and Milan, the cut would guarantee savings of around € 400 a year on average. The reduction in the rate would result in a city like Genoa or Turin in a discount of around 350 euros. According to Uil calculations, owners of homes other than the main one today pay an average of € 535 for the first installment if the property is in a provincial capital, over 1000 in large cities.

In Rome there is the highest cost for a second home, € 2,064 total on average. In second place Milan, with 2,040 euros on average. Then Bologna (2,038 euros), Genoa (1,775 euros), Turin (1,745 euros). Furthermore, in more than 400 Municipalities and 18 provincial capitals, including Rome and Milan, but also Rieti, Matera, Modena and Verona, for example, the rate is 10.6 per thousand higher and reaches 11.4 per thousand because the additional Tasi up to 0.8 per thousand was already applied, allowed when the two taxes were separated. In Macerata the bar is at 11.3 per thousand, in Terni and Siena at 11.2 per thousand, in Lecce, Massa and Venice at 11 per thousand and in Agrigento at 10.9 per thousand. Another 72 capital cities always apply the rate of 10.6 per thousand on second homes, including Turin, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Palermo and Bari. The new IMU with the rate for the tax on indivisible services of the Municipalities incorporated among the taxes less borne, partly because he puts his hands in his pockets to 25 million people and partly because he calls taxpayers to the cashier simply because he owns an asset.

According to the latest data provided by the UIL IMU 2020 report, 41 percent of those who have to deal with the tax are not wealthy rentiers but employed and retired workers. But the IMU 2020 Report drawn up by the UIL Labor, Cohesion and Territory Service goes even deeper. If you take into account the IMU costs on the first so-called luxury houses, such as villas, castles and stately homes, located in a provincial capital, the average cost is 2,610 euros, 1,305 euros for the summer down payment, with peaks of over 6 thousand euros in big cities. In this case, therefore, the new bonus granted to those who activate bank domiciliation is worth from 500 to 1,200 euros. Those who have a second appurtenance of the main house of the same cadastral category (cellars, garages, parking spaces) must instead pay the new IMU at the rate of the second houses, with an average annual cost of 56 euros. However, the new discount is also convenient for the Municipalities, which absorb important liquidity from the taxes involved in the bonus to provide essential services, which have never been considered fundamental by the community as at this time, but which often have to deal with an important undeclared. Especially in the South and Islands where about 40 percent of the IMU is not paid (in regions such as Sicily and Campania) due to ineffective checks and unauthorized use, while in the North the situation improves, with regions such as Emilia Romagna, among the most virtuous, where the submerged IMU is estimated at around 17 percent.

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