Municipal councilor in Nazi uniform, this is Gabrio Vaccarin


Portrait in a photo while he was dressed as ss with a photo of Hitler. In trouble Gabrio Vaccarin, city councilor of Nimis that with that shot literally created chaos on the net.

The regional coordinator of Fratelli D’Italia, deputy, immediately intervened on the event Walter Rizzetto, and the provincial coordinator, Gianni Candotto, which in a joint note state: “We have learned for a few hours of the existence of a photo that seems to date back to a 2010 Carnival and portrays the town councilor of Nimis, Gabrio Vaccarin, in clothes that recall a fortunately ended historical period. It is imperative to specify that the councilor in question is not registered with the Brothers of Italy, but elected in 2016 from our list. However, we asked Vaccarin to immediately remove the name of Brothers of Italy to the council group of the Municipality of Nimis. We cannot take further action because, he reiterates, he is not one of our members. If we had learned before this story, we would have made the necessary assessments in a timely manner “. The regional coordinator Rizzetto, concludes by specifying: “It seems to be really a photo of Carnival a few years ago. But this does not mean that I would not dress even in carnival with that uniform and those symbols, which belong neither to me nor to the political movement that I represent in Friuli Venezia Giulia“.

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The other reactions

“Enough now! There are no carnivals in uniform of SS. These people are ashamed, they are not worthy to hold any institutional position. Those who exalt a mad dictator who killed millions of people, sent to gas chambers and crematoriums, those who exalt the Nazi regime that massacred and burned our countries and gave Friuli to the Cossacks right here, must be immediately isolated from any political force responsible and expelled from every institution immediately “, affirms the regional secretary Pd Fvg Cristiano Shaurli, speaking of the photo, diffused on the net and relaunched by the media, of Gabrio Vaccarin, municipal councilor of Fratelli d’Italia in Nimis (Udine) portrayed in uniform by SS with the image of Hitler next to him.
“For the umpteenth time the news national they speak of Friuli Venezia Giulia – underlines Shaurli – for the deeds of an extreme right, racist and anti-Semitic, violent towards women and any diversity. Here the right is concerned with the regional reputation when asked to analyze the errors in our health care, and meanwhile in the eyes of Italy and the world we are becoming the most reactionary and retrograde region “.

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