Mundo Deportivo – Lautaro, the last Inter request before July 7th


In the Catalan media, the Lautaro Martinez case still holds sway: Inter does not lower its demands and Barcelona has no liquidity

Lautaro Martinez at Barcelona is a problem … of money. Nothing new on the horizon and nothing new even in the declarations of the Catalan president Bartomeu. Barcelona continues, in fact, to not have the necessary liquidity to meet Inter’s requests.

Francesc Aguilar, the first signing of the Mundo Deportivo, also underlines this.

“Before the 111 million euro clause expired, Inter had already let Barcelona know that it wanted 90 million euros plus Junior Firpo. So, he had already lowered the claims compared to paying the clause. But Barcelona never even came close to this figure, they wanted to include more players in the deal and an agreement was not reached. “

And now? The Catalan club must absolutely sell and must sell a lot.

“The deal has been stalled for some time, since Barcelona failed to meet Inter’s economic demands. And if Barcelona does not sell Coutinho or another important player, it is difficult to buy Lautaro ”.

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