Muhammad Na’amana was elected as a representative of the Bar Association on the Judicial Selection Committee


The Bar Association today (Tuesday) elected Adv. Muhammad Na’amana as a representative on the Judicial Selection Committee. Na’amana won 26 votes out of 44 members of the National Council, 43 of whose members participated in the vote. He defeated Doron Barzilai, who received 12 votes, and Yitzhak (Yitzi). Gordon, who received 5 votes.

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In addition, Adv. Noam Laor was elected as a representative of the Bureau in the Committee for the Selection of Military Judges. He received 23 votes compared to 20 votes received by Adv. Orit Korin, who ran against him.

Adv. Muhammad Na’amana Photo: Bar Association – Northern District

As mentioned, 43 members of the National Council participated in the vote, and in fact the only council member absent from the vote is Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, who also serves as State Attorney, and is considered a member of the Bar Association by virtue of the Bar Association Law.

Na’amana serves as chairman of the Northern District Bureau, resides in Nazareth and owns a private law firm. Laor is one of two representatives of the bureau’s voluntary bureau faction.

Naamana is considered the representative of the left camp in the bureau and he will enter the committee in place of Adv. Efi Naveh, who resigned from the committee about a year and a half ago. After that, lawyers who considered themselves suitable for the position retired.

The Bar Association has two seats on the Judicial Selection Committee, with Adv. Ilana Sucker still serving as the Bar’s representative, who is expected to end her term on the committee in about six months.

According to the law, a representative of the committee in the committee can not appear before judges (except for judges of the Supreme Court) during his tenure, in order to prevent a situation where judges depend on the representative of the committee for their personal advancement and are asked to decide his cases. At the same time, council member Adv. Ilan Bombach is working to promote legislation whereby not only a committee member will be barred from appearing in courts but also employees of his office, including his partners.

Various members of the bureau have suggested possible solutions to this situation, such as restricting the staff of the committee member’s office so that they can only appear before judges appointed in the last 5 years and are not facing promotion or dependence on bureau representatives. Meanwhile, the Bar Association has not given its opinion on the matter. The High Court has previously rejected a petition on the subject filed against Efi Naveh.

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