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“After the case of the cluster arrived from Serbia, I sequenced the 4 positive virus that came from which country and the result is that all 4 swabs have a very high viral load, the 4 swabs are identical to each other and therefore come from a single stock and they are different from those isolated in Italy “: so the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia during the press point at the headquarters of the Civil Protection of Marghera. The president of the Veneto stressed that “special attention must be paid to viruses that come from abroad, because they have a higher virulence, are more aggressive and have a mutation”, he explained, in short, in Veneto a new strain of coronavirus has been isolated , which has undergone a mutation compared to the one that hit hard in Northern Italy, and which is “much more aggressive”.

Zaia, together with the doctor Roberto Rigoli of the Treviso hospital, also presented a test buffer from Covid 19 which gives the result in oneself 7 minutes. It is the one presented today – Monday 13 July – by the governor of Veneto and the doctor Roberto Rigoli of the Treviso Hospital. “It is very flexible, the error compared to the traditional one was one in a thousand, and with this buffer we can go to 100 per hour, now we are moving to the Ministry of Health for its validation.” A swab costing only 12 euros, explained Rigoli. And the latter is good news. The negative one, on the contrary, is that we are faced with yet another evidence that shows how the Covid-19 changes quickly, making the challenge to reach the Vaccine even more difficult.

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