Mr. Tesla Elon Musk is the seventh richest person on earth


The 49-year-old overtakes the Google Brin co-founder in the Bloomberg chart. But there are those who warn about the exuberance of tech companies: “It’s a bubble”

Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla, climbs positions in the top 10 of the world’s richest. According to the index Bloomberg Of the billionaires, the personal assets of the South African naturalized US reached $ 70.5 billion on Friday after the car brand’s shares grew 11%, thus making it leap forward by 6.07 billion. Musk is now the seventh richest person on earth before people like the so-called “Obama oracle” Warren Buffett (69.2 billion in assets) and Google co-founder Segey Brin (70.4 billion). The ranking is led by the Amazon founder and publisher of the Washington Post Jeff Bezos with 189 billion in assets ahead of Bill Gates (116) and Mark Zuckerberg (93). The first Italian present is Giovanni Ferrero, 34th with 28.5 billion dollars. Buffett, who 12 years ago led the list of the richest drawn up by Forbes, a few days ago he reduced his assets with a donation to charity in shares worth $ 2.9 billion.

the weight of the cars

The 49-year-old entrepreneur owns about a fifth of Tesla shares which makes up an important bulk of his wealth. The price of the shares of the electric car manufacturer has grown by 269% this year. At the beginning of July Tesla became the car brand with the highest share value in the world, even surpassing Toyota: the capitalization reached the amount of 207.2 billion dollars. From 1st January 2020 to Friday 10th July, according to the index Bloomberg, Musk’s assets grew by 43 billion: only Bezos did better than him with an increase of 74.5 billion. However, Musk’s wealth also accounts for the majority of the ownership of SpaceX, the spaceflight company founded in 2002, a year before Tesla.

Watch out for the bubble

So technology like Eldorado? The manager and former manager of hedge funds Mike Novogratz, during an interview on television with Bloomberg, warned about the performance of hi-tech companies: “There is an irrational exuberance. The economy is slowing down, we are going back and forth from Covid and yet the technology market is making new highs every day. This is a speculative bubble. “

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