Movida in Rome, too many drinks and gatherings: isolated two squares in Trastevere and Piazza Bologna for the second time


Also this weekend the Local Police of Roma Capitale carried out a capillary control activity on the Capitoline territory, with particular attention to the typical areas of the nightlife: more than 3 thousand checks carried out on Friday and Saturday nights. A vigilance aimed at guaranteeing above all compliance with the provisions for the limitation of the contagion from Covid-19 with reinforced safeguards in the main squares and meeting places, but also to contrast phenomena of commercial abusiveness and dangerous behavior on the road. Due to strong gatherings that effectively prevented compliance with the rules laid down to protect public health, the agents had to isolate the areas most at risk for a few hours, until the safety conditions were restored. Crowding and the impossibility of ensuring compliance with the anti-contagion rules have also led to the closure of a disco in the territory of the VII Municipio.This night the surveillance work continued in the area of ​​Piazza Bologna, where the patrols isolated the area again after proceeding to disperse the crowd, as already happened on Friday evening when, in addition to the ban on the square, fines and closings for some premises for non-compliance with the rules on the containment of the infection.


Trastevere, nightlife out of control and a resident pulls a vase on the street on the crowd that screams and leads

A similar isolation measure has become necessary in Piazza Trilussa and Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. Particular checks also concerned some meeting places in the Appio and Tuscolano districts, where agents had to intervene on several occasions to restore social distancing. Also in this area, the intervention of ten patrols at a disco where a crowd of patrons was detected both in the spaces used for entertainment and at the entrance. In addition to the immediate closure of the business, disputes have arisen for violation of the provisions aimed at guaranteeing collective health. Further investigations of an administrative nature are underway.Over 50 irregularities ascertained for the consumption, sale and administration of alcohol outside the permitted hours, in particular in the areas of S. Lorenzo, Trastevere, Ponte Milvio and Piazza Bologna, while in some streets of the historic center, the agents are had to intervene for various cases of disturbance of public peace, loud music in homes and clubs.

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