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The usual chaos of government, which doesn’t know how to handle the case Roccella Jonica, in Calabria, where they were welcomed 70 Pakistani illegal immigrants, 28 of whom are coronavirus positive. For the affair, the governor Jole Santelli he asked, turning directly to Giuseppe Conte for immediate action, threatening to block the landings. And again, protests from the population on the street. And so, it reports The messenger, the executive is evaluating the hypothesis of transfer the sick in two military structures in Rome, the Celio or the Cecchignola. In short, Covid positive migrants are simply moved. The plan is still being examined, a solution has not yet been reached.

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And again, the Ministry of Interior and Infrastructure would be evaluating an emergency procedure to identify a second ship on which to lodge migrants landed in Italy. In short, government in disarray: it keeps ports open and then doesn’t know how to manage the flows. Or rather, the invasion. Incidentally, the two structures assessed to bring the positives to Rome in the past months had already been engaged on the coronavirus front. The fact remains that the government would “unload” the problem on the armed forces.

In all this, there is also a second front, in Sicily, where there are 17 coronavirus positive immigrants and quarantined isolates in Porto Empedocle: to date they are in Sicily, on board the Moby Zaza. And tomorrow? Who knows …

Immigration, the background reveals the government disaster: barchini, so Conte bends to invasion

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